“Yaron Ross … is a pianist who listens to himself and to the music while playing. Bach’s English Suite No. 6, for example, was spirited and scrupulously articulated. Similarly precise and rhythmically pristine was Beethoven’s Sonata (Op. 31, No.1). There was much to admire: the attention to harmonic direction, the voluble rush of the lines in the Rondo of the Beethoven, the refined textures of Ravel’s ”Mother Goose Suite.”

The New York Times

“ Israeli pianist shows us why critics applaud “

“The finest moments of the evening came when award winning pianist Yaron Ross treated us to an extra fine, vigorous interpretation of Bach’s Piano Concerto in D minor. Ross consistently built his swelling dynamics with a sound musical logic tempered by an unusual warmth. The final Allegro was particularly crystalline even at the most difficult rapid figurations. “

“Beethoven’s Sonata Op.2 No.3 sparkled with vitality and charm in a way that came very close to musical effervescence. Ross’s control of the difficult Allegros was impressive, his communication ideas clear and forthright. “

“Ernest Bloch was very well served by this performance of his Concerto Grosso and Yaron Ross’s contribution to the energy and drive of the music was considerable”

The Montreal Gazzette

“Ross showed a solid commitment to Mozart and his music. Where many pianists have merely glossed over these works or ignored them entirely, he has taken the time to prepare and thoughtfully organize them. His playing is filled with all sorts of inflections that supply personality and vigor. If he could maintain the same level of performance throughout the cycle, the achievement would indeed be considerable. “

The Mozart Piano Sonatas cycle – The Montreal Gazzette